Having fun with 18 year NFL veteran Lomas Brown and 19 year NBA veteran Rick Mahorn - our new spokesmen for Day 6 Bicycles!

You would NEVER sit on a 6" seat with no backrest at a restaurant or a ball game - So why in the world would you do it on a bicycle?!! 

Day 6 bicycles are ergonomically superior to anything you have ever seen and they eliminate virtually ever objection to riding a bicycle.  Our wide seat, lumber support, ability to reach the ground with both feet, low step over bar, easy-to-reach handlebars, and a relaxed and safe riding position are why we think Day 6 is the most comfortable upright bicycle ever made!  We also make electric bicycles with the same features so now struggling with the wind and hills is a thing of the past.  There is nothing like a Day 6!

Check out our videos below!

Day 6 is the ultimate crank forward.  Our 9" seat post offset allows you to easily put your feet on the ground.  Anything less just leaves you on your tip toes. 


Day 6 is the ultimate comfort bike.  Our 16" seat and contoured Ergo S'port backrest combine for one incredible cockpit.  The truth is: even a 150 pound person needs a seat that is wide enough to fit their rear.   Day 6 is the only upright bicycle with a backrest.


Day 6 is the ultimate bicycle for big people.  All our bicycles sport a 16" seat while the Samson also has dual struts and a 400 pound weight capacity that will comfortably support just about anyone!


Day 6 is the ultimate electric bicycle.  No other electric bicycle has the comfort of our seat and backrest, the ergonomics of our handlebars and frame geometry, and the safety of being able to reach the ground with both feet while sitting on the seat. 

New for 2016!

-  A new tall size bike for people over 6'2"

-  More color choices

-  Shimano drive trains on all bikes

-  The Journey, with a 7 speed internal Nexus hub

-  Samsons will be available in three sizes

-  Electric models with an internal 8 speed hub

-  High end Dreams with front and rear disc brakes and   

      upgraded components

-  Trigger shifters on all bikes

About Us

Very simply, we make bicycles that fit people and the way they live.  

In fact, we believe we have the most comfortable upright bicycles ever made....ever!

And, because Day 6 bicycles fit so well; you will want to ride more, farther, and faster than ever before.  

Want to know more?  

Give us a call at 406.570.1927

Or stop in and see us. 

We are in Iowa.   Around here we call it God's country! 

Day 6 Bicycles
404 Glen Ave
Logan , Iowa 51546
Phone: 406/570-1927 406/570-1927
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I had to completely give up bicycle riding due to arthritic neck coupled with bone spurs. The pain was unbearable. Accidentally found your company on line. Been riding for about a month. Absolutely no pain. I am shocked. I am 74 years old and have my life back.  Edwin

We liked the bikes so much we went back today and bought another one for my wife.  Brett - Illinois

At 64 and overweight with chronic joint problems, I can't comfortably walk one block, but I just got back from 40 minutes on my bike. The design is pure genius.  My bad back, hip and knee all are quiet and seem to enjoy the ride too.  I have had this bike for about 5 years and love it more every time I ride it.   Katherine

Thank you for designing and building a great bicycle.  I am thoroughly enjoying ownership of this miracle.  It is extremely comfortable and does not induce any of those "aches" that my road bikes did.

Bob in Florida

Oh my gosh, the bike is amazing with the battery!  I went on a 10 mile ride yesterday with my friends.  It has changed my life! 

Ann in TX

My Day 6 has absolutely changed my life. I had not ridden a bike for probably 30 years because of back pain with standard bikes. This bicycle has allowed me to ride our local bike path and I am up to 9 miles at a time.   My new bicycle has caused a lot of interest from bikers on the bike path. I always tell them how it has changed my life.

Nancy in Ohio

I love my Dream 24 Day 6 bicycle. In fact, I literally crave riding it. It is the most comfortable thing on two wheels that I have ever sat on.  My average distance used to be about 30 miles - the second time I went out on "Dreamy," I easily biked 60 and could have gone farther, but it was getting dark!    Betsy

My life has changed with the Day6. I have Parkinson's disease and wow I can ride it, it is awesome to feel free!


Your bike has changed my life. Literally the best money I have ever spent on anything. 


I wouldn't be biking if not for Day6 with my R.A.  


The Day 6 is a clear winning improvement over traditional upright bike designs. And I just got off of riding mine an hour ago!


My husband and I love our Day 6 bicycles! Most comfortable ride ever. We highly recommend the Day 6 bicycle!


Having chronic pancreatitis, which is like having kidney stones 24/7, the meds I take make it impossible to drive - but my Day 6 has really opened up the world to me! It allows me to keep up exercise without danger of injury! I can't brag enough! 


I have some physical limitations due to a pediatric stroke which resulted in some left side weakness.  I was finally able to purchase a Dream 8 and rode 45 minutes for the first time in years! It is by far the most comfortable bike. I am beyond thrilled to find a bike that will allow me to be active again.


The last bike I'll ever have to buy!!!  Every day I ride someone asks "where can I find this bike?" I hope this awesome bike is in every shop in the country.
Is your struggle with leg knee or back pain, you're going to love this bike.
If you're over 50 you will love to ride again. Thank you. 

Rehoboth Beach DE

 I tried a traditional bicycle and could only ride for short periods due to pain. Now that I have a Day 6 I can ride all day comfortably. My strength and fitness level has improved dramatically! My wife experienced neck and shoulder pain while riding her cruiser style bike and now she rides pain free. These bikes are amazing and I am convinced that others with orthopedic pain can benefit from a Day 6 bike.     
Brian - Galveston

Despite my herniated disc problems, spinal stenosis, and a dropped foot, etc.; I can enjoy the open air and ride in comfort.   I can ride around the neighborhood, go shopping, etc.  I cannot walk very far or for very long, BUT...I can ride for miles!
My Day 6 has made my life even more enjoyable.  Great bike, Great company!
Captnemo, Longboat Key, FL

The seat, Oh MY!  I think I might have died and gone to heaven when I discovered that seat/backrest arrangement.  Thanks for a wonderful design.        

Carole S.

What I love is this bike allows me to ride after two knee replacements, four spine surgeries, a broken hip, and two shoulder replacements! What other bike can do that!     

Veronica, Illinois

I have purchased a dozen conventional bikes and 2 recumbents in the course of my life (I am 58) and the Dream is the most comfortable design I have ever tried. 

Kathleen C. - MN

With rheumatoid arthritis, I was down to 10 minutes of regular biking and it was agony. Day 6 means I'm on that thing at least an hour pain-free.      Kay L.

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